Bearded Collie Database

For many years, I maintained a database of Bearded Collie information, including Championship, Titles, Sire and Dam information. At one point, work got in the way, so I had to stop updating the site and the database. That was a loss for me, one which I regretted for quite a while, especially for the loss to the Beardie community. However, I am happy to report that another person has taken up the task of the Beardie database, and created a wonderful database which, at this point, has over 110,000 records of Beardie pedigree information, including the ability to show and print a six generation pedigree.

I’ve been given permission to link to that site, which provides a great deal more pedigree information that I could ever hope to have:

By Joel Levinson

Irena’s Bearded Collie Pedigree Database